Gerd HoralHealing Inspiration in Playful Clay

Gerd Horal was born 1962 in Skara, Sweden. The family moved to Gothenburg eight years later, where she is still residing today. She is an educated teacher and physiotherapist, but is now totally devoted to pursuing her art. A self-taught artist who, through extensive experimentation, forged a unique expression. Her ceramic sculptures support amazing detail with a deeply personal touch. At first glance, the leap from therapist to sculptor seems rather big. However, Gerd's sculptures are arguably as healing as her physiotherapy.

In a day and age of cultural pessimism, Gerd Horal is a perfect antidote of whimsical narration, warm winds and bright-eyed wonder. She lets her maritime cast of characters guide us both above and below the surface. A curious world of anthropomorphic sea creatures and idyllic, though not saccharine, coastal living. Elements from Nordic mythology and Viking sagas has lately crept onto the scene, adding a deep, savoury flavour to the mix. All of the above undoubtedly caters to the desperate need for contemplation and quiet playfulness, craved by modern man.

Gerd's work is also, in many aspects, technically quite interesting. For instance, she has developed several innovative glazing combinations. Furthermore, she mixes her own clay from a secret recipe. A clay that carry the extreme details that has come to define her work. She is also utilizing texture and embossing in a novel way that is nothing but extraordinary. The result is pieces boldly toying with the medium, without losing the weight and lustre of ceramics.

Despite the fact that Gerd Horal already carved out a niche for herself, one can sense that she is just in the beginning of her chosen path. It stands perfectly clear, from a bystander's point of view, that her studio will continue to produce healing inspiration for many years to come. A beacon of positive energy, radiating through our spiritually bland existence.

- N. Jonas Englund

Sventorpsliden 5, 412 74 Göteborg, SWEDEN Phone: +46 (0) 708 - 557760 E-mail: gerdhoral@hotmail.com